This software is free of use. But you can give us some Us$ or €.
This software was wrote, in first idea, for the need of the C.C.A.E ( European Collins Collector Association ) and his manager.
The idea was not to '' ré-inventer la roue ''- not to write a new Log- Software, but the idea to have a free and confortable computer screen for help and easy trafic. Seems to be our boatanchor Collins KWM-2, S'Lines or Gold Dust Twins : pleasant to use, hear and smell .... and which can be just near a new transceiver with late technologies .
Ham-Radio is this, also.

This ''easy-of-use '' is to see all QSO in permanent link with QRZ.COM or GOOGLE-MAPS or a simple map where one can see exact location or the ham in QSO. So, ''chemin faisant'', many complemental functions have been added .
Now you can publish your log on the Net (CCAE_WEB). We ask a little contribution for this last software plug-in (CCAE_WEB) because, to do this, we need fast transfers and good security . We use three hosted computers : one in France, one in Germany and last in Spain.
Other functions are and will be available time to time to drive.. a.s.w a transceiver, antenna and-so-on... We need some time...and we have only 24 hours in a day...
This sofware has been developped in Microsoft Visual and only for Windows. We are not at top for Apple or Linux languages, but we think, perhaps, to be some years. We hope so... if Ham-radio is always alive in next decades...
Our setup don't put any bad things or ''gremlins'', bugs or so on.. in your computer but using windows components installed. Only one OBDC is created. In 2014, we don't need to do all again and collaboration is fine to go faster and further...
And for those who want to know more, this software is coming from other software very very more expensives from my professionnal occupation and validated by 1.200.000 records with 400 simultaneous users with Oracle, SQLServer, DB2 and MySQL database... Find 400 users in a shack with 400 computers and all what you want... If you want, you are autorized to transfert the database to play and enjoy ...

Join us for any suggestion, idea or if you need help.
We use radio only for our pleasure and this software in a good part for your and our pleasure...
Enjoy HAM-RADIO.. and .....Don't scrap your Old Rigs, repair them ..

CCAE is more than a log software

- CCAE log: Confortable log software with lot of goodies...
- CCAE_WEB: Plug-in to publish your log on the net

Organize your desktop as you like.
Add, cancel, display windows where you like et save your configuration for next time.

This is one of the best goodies in version 2.

Upgrade now !



How to install software ?
2 setup:
Setup 1 - The last version of CCAE_LOG and CCAE_WEB
Setup 2 - An empty Database if you do not have one !

Download this 2 setup files and go Ahead !
And download and read first the config doc.

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The last version of CCAE_LOG and CCAE_WEB

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An empty database only if you do not have one !

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Instruction manuals

Read it first !

Download CCAE Log doc in English..